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What we do (and why we do it)


ResearchGrowing inside and out

GPM Network began as a creative marketing business servicing primarily industrial and environmental markets. We conducted research, supported strategy development and designed marketing collateral. We remain very good in those areas. We even won awards for supporting the fastest growing biotechnology business and an NHS Innovations Award.

But we always thought we could have a greater impact; especially in the implementation of the strategies we developed. We couldn't go 'in-house' with all our clients.

 Then we realised that if we equipped our clients with skills, processes, structures and marketing behaviours we could empower them to take plans forward and take control of their own growth.

It led us to study organisational development and behaviours. We developed or recruited skills in psychometrics, coaching, process development and management development.

We have now a rare combination of skills that help develop both markets and organisations to facilitate sustainable growth. With the support of an excellent Associate network we reach out into other areas but applying the same principals of expertise and sustainable impact on businesses in the private and public sectors.